About Me

My name is Kate Bray and I am a junior at Severna Park High School. I am a Girl Scout in Troop 4608 and, for my Gold Award project, I am hosting a STEM night for Girls. At Severna Park High School, I participate in Project Lead the Way which is a four-year pre-engineering program. Starting out freshman year in Principles of Engineering, the class consisted of about 50% girls. Now that I am in my third year of the program, the number of girls has dropped dramatically, and I am only one of three girls in my class. My goal of this event is to share my love of STEM subjects and inspire young girls to pursue and stick with STEM as they continue into college and their career.

Meet the Team

I have been fortunate to have three terrific advisors to assist me with this project.

Allison Mathews

Girls Scout Leader


Mrs. Mathews has been the leader of Girl Scout Troop 4608 since 2010 and has beenĀ  a model to all the girls in her troop.

Jen Shelleman

Chair of Science Department

Severna Park Middle School

Mrs. Shelleman has been inspiring children in the classroom for over 20 years as a science teacher and serves as a role model for women in STEM.

Christine McCallister

Chair of Science Department

Magothy Middle Schools

Ms. McCallister started STEM Night at Magothy Middle and has provided invaluable guidance on this project.